Do you buy comics?

Yes, our primary interests are 60's Marvel keys, Timelys, and early golden age comics particularly actions and detectives. We're also interested in many other comics but those are our main areas of interest.

Do you buy movie posters?

Yes we are interested in movie posters from all eras and genres.

Do you accept time payments?

We do please contact us to work out a plan. The item needs to be at least $2000 for us to consider a plan.

Can you help find items on my want list?

We actively pursue our clients want list items. Please feel free to email us a copy of your want list to info@fivestarcollectibles.com

Do you sell on ebay?

We sell items on ebay from time to time. You can find our auctions under the username Fivestarcollectiblesinc.

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the world.